Wow… I can’t believe it!

That guy is still alive.
Been awfully quiet around here.

Sorry folks, quite busy, working hard, treadmill, you know the works…

Anyhow, I do have something new!

Remember the good old times when you could print a structure?
Well, I do.
Sadly that option has gone the way of the Dodo some versions ago.
Yes, I know, there are a few solutions out there. Some usable, some not, some an eyesore, some quite elegant.
So, well, you know me, had to roll my own!

And here we go:


I admit not the most imaginative of names but it does what’s on the box!
And is fully configurable at that!

Also, it does not use a single table/field and not even one process or interprocess variable!

In my quite humble opinion, it is a nice example of using the new interface techniques working through the Form command.

All you need is to download it (it’s V17R5 so beware!), launch it and point it to an XML dump of your favorite structure.
For those who do not find my interfaces intuitive:

You can save and load presets, that’s collections of settings you make, so you only have to select Comic Sans once and can then use it on all your pictures…
Import Structure reads an XML structure dump, save structure stores it wherever you want as JSON, so you do not need to reparse it. And Load Structure obviously loads a stored JSON structure

All changes you make to settings are displayed in a preview for a table you select from the listbox, make the change and you will see it right away.

There is a second page for settings relating to relations:

I am not going to explain all of that, play around and see what happens.

The stuff concerning relations can only be seen once you render the structure using the Draw structure button.

It then show a new window with your structure, you can export the picture from there

Ok, that’s it,
Have fun, play around with it, maybe learn from it and if you find errors (there certainly are) either keep them or send me a message.

Usual disclaimer: now warranty, no support, no nothing and its uncompiled.

So long folks


The download…

Made a small correction that would lead to funny results on systems that use the “.” as decimal separator….
Thanks Cannon

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