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Tools for 4D Write Pro

4D is finally working towards creating a new 4D Write and since 14 R5 we can actually use some of it.

Of course there is still quite a lot missing but with what we already have we can for example create nice looking E-Mails.

Now most of us have worked with 4D Write until now and moving to 4D WritePro requires quite a few conversion in order to prevent us from doing all again.

Converting a 4D Write Document to WritePro works fine, as long as you go through a document on Disk, using Blobs with WP New has yet to work reliably for me.

Using References or Expressions in 4D WritePro works surpassingly well, although the tools for manipulating these References and expressions are a bit lacking.

So I have created a few helper methods that I gladly share here:

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